Friday, September 23, 2011

Today was a good day :D

Today was partily cloudy with a bit of rain (has already started this out with a lie) lol

Ok xD so it rained heck of hard, drove mi papá al doctor. There I practiced in the parking lot, by myself (because I'm a big girl ;D ) K-turn, parking in a parking lot >_>
so many violators D: they do it just because they think nobody's watching.
One of them tried to hit me ¬¬

I was nervous about the road test, i kept effing up while backing up lol.
I'm pretty darn sure I scared everyone in the car xD
But the main problem is I needed to adjust my sheet back -_- but I was afraid because that dude was behind me, he was kinda cute , if I broke his nose he would of been cute >.>

He only spoke Spanish though (puff face)

Glad to have my old instructor back :D

Made a new friend she's nice.

I got rained on so hard D<
to the point my hair got messed up >.> from straight to whooshy D:

Finally get in the car
hell nervous
already doing bad things ;~; too hard with my seat, mirror , belt adjustments lol.

I thought I had fail o_o (always thinking negative)

I wanted to go dancing in the rain <3

Dude was working on a ponytail he had a long braid, oh m r when that boy's hair grows out o_o ¡aym! lol
Yeah ho yeah, it was just the hair >_> his hair texture was just like mine, he had the fluffy soft lol. I can see we both need moisture in our lives o:
I want that soft silk T_________T

I was working off of gatorade and water all día o.o
not a good diet XP

-Ren Montez <3

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