Thursday, September 1, 2011

3 Days of Trouble (Late Post)

started lightly then ended bleh
missed true blood three times -.-

The first day it was ok rain D:
then the night of it was heavy the power went out around 3am ;A;
and because I was scared , (of una araña) I didn't charge my phone or laptop -______-

So there was no studying done for me or nothing ;_;

Which in hand led me to reading all of the books i rented from the library or at least until I ran out of day light

The power was supposed to be back on by 9 ha! not at all -__-

But Saturday Sunday is a blur to me anyway rofl

xD power comes back on at 5am sunday wooo

but still trying to get into Hbo Go was a pain
Now I know what I need to get in to it but it's still useless to me :/

True Blood is the only show I knowingly Like from Hbo

Though I did catch the reruns on Monday <3 yahs!

At least something decides to work around here

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