Sunday, September 25, 2011

sigh Just one of those

Today seemed really cruddy :/

Started with two nightmares, one of a person I had no interest in and had no interest in me but i messed with them anyway. The were all over me for once, freaked me out cuz in reality that's all i never WANTED or needed....

the next was an ex what the horror -shivers in fear-

guess my fears are different, i prefer the right guy at the right time (almost said tight time)

People have been really iffy lately, all making me want to raise my eyebrow like this o_Ô (international keyboard ftw)

THANK GOODNESS someone dropped something waking me up out of those awful nightmares, i ended up in the bathroom sick though...

i don't like when the past crosses my mind
today i'm finally going to workout

Today really had that crappy vibe , it was agreed upon with my friend, yep crap day o_o

On another note where the heck is Rae?
Where on earth is Rachel Cohnagan rachel cohanagan >.> missed spelled your names lol
(on purpose!)

-Ren Montez <3

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