Thursday, September 29, 2011


Some people just have those spirits always trying to bring you down.

Mum, Sibling, Father, Aunt, Cousin, Teacher, Stranger, Enemy or so called friend aka Frienemy.

When those moments occur just try to distance yourself from it.

Today I felt a lot of that bullshit.
I don't like to say bullcrap because it makes me think about crabs, Trey Songs used to have that . (see that's why I don't like to say it)

I did a 20 minute workout and I automatically felt better, someone said something rude to me on my way to do it, I didn't like that and sure I felt a little ugh you know what cuss cuss.

But I didn't go that far, I just ran as fast as I could (you know I don't run, I only skip, hop, jump and speed walk) so I could go workout and make myself feel better.

My knee clicked half way through the workout because I was still angry at the time, yet I pushed through the pain instead of giving up, I'm so glad I did too.

I wouldn't feel as happy as I do now, I'm kinda hungry as well at the moment yet that's only natural after burning off so many calories.

Came up with some new script ideas, I won't release the titles of those works until I'm at least half way done with them (Only God knows and only time shall tell)

In the latest I've been feeling a little more than your average shade a blue.

Another typical thing amongst our youth and females. (yes for once I will admit to being a woman) There's therapy, medication, weapons and death yet I choose to use none of them.

No need to poison myself, how can another crazy person tell me I'm crazy when they started it?

Sometimes in life they over exaggerate things.
Such a shame.

I'm going to do 3 more workouts then call it a day

Hey, nobody said it was a short road to recovery

-Ren Montez <3

Edit: Nevermind I'll have to finish those workouts when I get back, someone wants me to go out with them, so I'll unpin my hair to look some what suitable.

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