Friday, September 16, 2011

Mike Posner - Cheated

It's a good song all in all, yet in away a typical person feels like yeah the next time that happens Imma cheat on that hoe.
Nah nah nauh.

That's something that shouldn't be done, but I can understand where Posner is coming from, knowing that the one you loved wasn't all there for you.

Trust me, most of us want to cheat when we find are skank is nasty. (I included)

Yet that will not solve the problem and will only add on to your bad karma, you always want to have more good karma than bad.

Yep I'm a Roman Catholic and it goes against my religion but I still believe in certain things and it's not as if I twist my religion for something bad.

Do yourself a favor, someone's cheating on you click your heels and end that s, if you see it something worth working on go for it.

If you're thinking about cheating on someone dump them. This saves them from more pain.

If you already did it, fess up, because that s fucks with someone's self esteem no lie (haha, see I censored the word shit but not fuck lol)

How it messes with that person head?
1. They think love doesn't exist anymore
2. They think you're a liar
3. They feel unbeautiful
4. They feel unlovable
5. They feel used
6. They feel disgusted
7. They feel hurt

Out of my experiences I never felt 3 since I already had self esteem issues , I always felt a certain way about my appearance and heck, piece of s dudes I've dealt with they never called me beautiful the whole damn time we dated so SAD FACe lol.

Now back to Mike Posner lol, Gone In September this goes perfect with the tweet I made today.

He's a good dude but after all that bs he turned lol, now I hope he goes back to the good guy.

Fix you ok?

-Ren Montez <3

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