Friday, September 30, 2011

This 朝

I had a bad rest last night

tossed and turned
so cold, uncomfortable.

Feeling like crap, I worked out and felt good

did the workouts I wanted to do yesterday
my knee is now hurting so I have it elevated
that actually helps too.

my mum is such a downer
has already tried to ruin my day
i also have things to do
i didn't ask anyone to cook food for me

cuz often they don't feed me anyway
since they never bother to ask if i'm hungry
they just assume I don't want jack to eat :/

Life is screwed for me right now
I don't dig this boojé

Approaching me nasty ):<
I know I'm young but that doesn't mean anything.
I have a lot to deal with on my plate.

I need a job
And it's so hard to get one because I never got a job before, I only did volunteer work, I don't know how long I'll be in town and the economy is bad.

If I was younger it would be easy for me, makes me sad and then I wanna cry T_____T
¡Ren necesito dinero también!

I'm stressed out right now and working out and sleeping are the only two things keeping me going, oh my rfs too <3 ilyg

-Ren Montez <3

Edit: now she's mad at me u_u (that makes me feel better) lol

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