Thursday, September 29, 2011

Relationship Killers: Sure is True - It killed a few of mine

Relationship Killers: Insecurity. Trust Issues. Facebook. Twitter. Assumptions

from Mr.Popular on twitter.

He was right about that , they all killed me relationship except for Twitter.

It wasn't even coming from my side. All him, accusing me, feeling insecure, not trusting me and all over my facebook like a damn stalker.

Now I had said what was up from the jump, yet I guess that just wasn't understood. (This is when I feel like abusing the usage of the N word though I only say it when I'm really upset at some dumbfuck. Yeah a man who I told to leave me alone but just wouldn't go away.)

Nothing pisses me off than when a person tries to flip crap as if I was the one who was crazy and imagining things, I remember shit to the tee and I'm not going to pretend I'm right all the fucking time. I know when I'm wrong.

I never really talked about the communication problem that bugged me so dearly. Nobody wants to be honest and I'm not going to sit back and be stupid for you. Yet I could learn to be stable about it, I rather not.

You want to make assumptions about me when all I did was tell the truth to you and all you ever did was make excuses then fine, Fuck you.

I don't accept lies, from the start one lie will never be forgiven, White or whatever the lie, it's unacceptable because if ur lying about the small shit, just what else would you lie about, i'm pretty sure some serious shit too.

If it was all good you wouldn't have to avoid telling the truth in the first place, you wouldn't have to avoid looking me in the eye, you wouldn't have to feel guilty in your damn subconscious!

No hearts or sig on this.

This probably concludes the rest of my bitter feelings, now I wish there were more days where, I could see a good side of males, yet those were rare to begin with. Such a Shame

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