Friday, September 30, 2011

Spiderwebs - Azad Right

"I can't maintain a relationship, they remind me I don't relate to shit. I love you, I'm not in love with you, but I want you in my life, so that's an issue." - Azad Right

Indie artist from California, I must admit I can give serious props to him.

The video was simple and elegant, thank you Michael Bromberg (director) your vision was right.

This is really a song people need to listen to, really check out this kid.

Spiderwebs is about love, selfish, dreams, anger and life.

When you're trying to get somewhere in life and you include other people, they often try to bring you down.

He knows money isn't everything yet he just wasn't ready for love.

I can really relate to these lyrics yet I can sit here and just say damn...

His flow is nice and I always hope he stays this clean and truthful.

Reminded me of Lupe Fiasco and Cage.

Those are the type of artist I like.

Spiderwebs is a metaphor for .......

You should fill in the blank yourself

Don't forget to check him out!

Connect with Azad Right:!/AzadRight

-Ren Montez <3

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