Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I had a dream


I had a dream about Marco.. I know i know I know, what am I doing thinking about him.
trust meh

BHJBHEL belhs Dx
(just licked some ice cream soup that's been sitting for more than 10 minutes)

So I'm at a house or something
few other amigos are there
and I was just wondering if I should start dropping by in this area again.
So I saw next to Marco on this very very lavish sofa (i'm not exacertating)
I'm not just sitting next to him, i'm sitting close, REAL close, to the point s, I might as well be joint to him by the darn hip.

He looks at me awkwardly putting down his controller (yep, he was all on dat derr xboxi)
I rest my head on his shoulder then tilt upwards him in a bit of a sigh. "Marco do you miss me?"
"Oh course I miss you." he turns a bit and hugs me (that man, still gives amazing hugs, I felt this one in my dreams too, that's the type of stuff to put a smile on my face ^^; -entering kekeke mode- ) "Oh good, I wanted to know" I hug hug back. Then .. "You know I own a club, then there's one where I go to work at" the dream ends briefly after this..

Marco has a girlfriend and in my dream I wasn't even thinking dirty, I just always wanted to work on building a friendship with Marco but never really bothered to hop on that, I think maybe the next time I see him idkwthti that I will try to ask him a little something somethin

- Ren Montez <3

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