Thursday, September 15, 2011

De Nuevo: A trip to an old place

In the CL with a few people I knew

 ^^^(How Gei, anything that gives me that erm ugh hhh blehhh >_< meh feeling lol ) I don't like this picture, it's not flattering but I've been very harass on things involving me,anyway thanks Tom (Thomas) for taking it.

Today I dropped by my old stopping grounds
Checking in was a fail my phone glitched hardcore on me

I was sad facing about it -3-

No Jelani, No Tevin , No Mitch and No Glenn
but there was a dude I thought  was Glenn lol

First enterance was the library sighing and trying next stop was a wrap around to the den

which was empty.. so to the ARTS! building
West Min (Minsiter)

Saw Zumi she was working on a project it looked good so far, then I went back to the den
Finally some peoples yah!

Spent a lot of time roaming around with Michael

Highlight: Polo
Loved his hair , felt like a kid in a candy store *-*
then it was alll zig zaggy and
He looked like one of them thai warriors or something xD

Played Sonic II <3
Freakin Casion level pissed me off
I played pool twice lost the first time
then one the second time

then again I played another time >_>

Nut he doesn't like me so I forgot cuz I was too busy laughing about the reason why he don't like me xD

I reestablished some connections :] networking yo
Felt good doing that now all I gotta do is get my work done

Didn't see Adam again ): It was weird in away since he said he would be back in west min but when i went back i didn't see him o-O

I tried going again but still didn't T-T

Saw Tink (Tinkerbell lol) Nails and Shatiek(ei)

Nails's new skateboard is so awesome it has a Raq on it with the words Hubba underneath, then on the under belly there's a rainbow swirling unicorn

Shateik gave me a magnetic clip :3 he won in the daily game of thursday.
We laughed about smokes Devion (he's a director who is quite amazing, if you need something done he will get it done for you) and weed but there was no weed lol

Me: Are you smoking without me?
Nails: Yes, I am, this is the best weed in your life that you will neva get.
Funny because in the end he said these cigarettes sucked and I pretty much thought they did
They looked flimsy.

Back to Devion when they told me he can get anything done for me I thought uhhh.... o_O ¿Asesino? we laughed some more

Devion - But it depends on how much I like you.

Then I thought to myself >_> well I'm a likeable person so that should be easy, later we just discussed how My Alias/Nickname was better than my birthname c:

After that I went back to the den

which was pool table being hogged by pairs pool somewhat had a partner than i just said CUSS it  -_-

ended upstairs which was Sims 3 and Super streeet fighter 4 lost my turn at that -3-
Almost whipped on Javi but I held back , gonna act like he don't know me and such psh
Lingstu reintroduced me xD
then they kvetched about me not being around o.o

Anthony was the first person I saw was good to talk to him

Asked Lingtsu about José :c he hasn't seen him around
before that he said he saw my profile lol
I asked him what was he doing on there
he said he was just browsing around

Funny him & anthony xD
I noticed Anthony's last name is the same as my son's first name

I miss that boy ):
The rain kinda ruined my plans
I felt insecure since my boobs got bigger
and they were gonna be like really out there lol

Saw Miguel he was shooting though, wanted to wait to say hello so I just watched him play
He ended up greeting me first while angling his shot and right after that he missed o-o
That's why I wanted to wait

I almost sat on Nick's lap x_x (would of been being bad)
Breaking out of old habits is hard lol
First things I thought when he said sit on my lap: 1. He might have a boner 2. He or I might enjoy that 3. NO NO NO STOP! BAD REN!
Yet to be honest, I was thinking about sitting on his lap or under him when He was there (before he asked me) simply because it's comfortable lol kekeke  (creature of habit) but then decided it would be inappropriate and not so friendly

can't wait to go to the mall next week <3

Went for a china run (china town aka chinese food)
Went to two different places they both didn't have what I want
S o I went to C Town instead singing Along with Royce

Corazon sin cara Heart without face but they translate it as a heart doesn't have a face

Which reminds me I needto get back to Pathmark, Bolthouse Farms was 5/10
I don't need that but protien is good for me!
That's probably how my boobs got biggeer lmao
Best protein I ever had <3

The plantanos were 4/2 I got 2/1 instead.
As well as Ginseng Ups, which are drinks with Ginseng they taste so good
Ginseng Up Iced Peach tea is my favorite one of the 9-12 flavors I believe.

they went up 10c were 89c before. In all the chinese food was pricey and didn't taste the same (that's what they said)
that's why I didn't want any instead I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich and an omelet (haven't had an omelet in years, YEM)

They might even been the reason why my boobs got biggers (i like that typo, I'll keep it ;D ) lol
What the freak with my body temperature
as soon as I got back I felt so weird

My leg is cold now T.T

and it's just the left front calf lol
my other parts are freaking hot, I might have caught a little cold today from the rain -3-

I was thinking about Wendy's all day it was good to sse Louis
There are new chicken sandwiches at Wendy's , I must try them XD

Then I found out they went and I was all AWW MAN -___- you didn't get me anything? lol
Burger king sucks compared to Wendy's lol.

Talked a lot about cars racism stupid people sexism film music pool life games and work today.
That wasn;t just with a few people, it was with just about everyone which was crazy.

I hope to go to Wendy's for that sandwich tomorrow T-T
(being a fatty fatty 2x4)

My stomach is so flat D: but i have a big butt and hopefully (soon!,¡pronto!) big boobs to match xD lol
For some reason I always wanted a body like that T,T Or small butt (no booty) big boobs no stomach >_>
just how i think at times lol, like i like certain things about mans xD

Today was a very good day besides the headaches x_x

Went home happy

The picture ^^^(all the way up there) I didn't feel in the mood for picture taking with people lol but hey I made it work yo ;D

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