Thursday, September 22, 2011

Did You ever feel like ******??

I know everyone has that time in their life where they feel why do I ever bother or try.

Wether it's caused by love, school, money or social it happens to the best of us unfortanately but hey, if we can make it through that tough time, it only makes us stronger beings.

I watched koishite akuma episode two. Some japanese drama I said i didn't care too much for, that episode was surprisingly pretty good.
The message was effed up though. They talked about the difference between a human life >> shiseikan <<< and a vampire's life.

We strive to live our fullest even knowing that in the end we will die.

So true, we attempt to live all the life we can before we are more, and that's exactly how we should live.
Pushing limits, going beyond the boundaries, excelling, spreading our wings, living everyday like it was our last.

In the end what will you believe? What will be your mark on this earth? Make it big make it honorable.
Just live your life and hold your head up, things are crappy now but remember, there's a tomorrow so there for there can be a better day ^_^;

-Ren Montez <3 p="">

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