Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Upsetting for a Japanese Learner

-____- <<<< That's my face for when I found out that Genki was updated!

I'm just relieved i didn't buy volume 2 D: I see the difference in the updates xD
So I've decided to put my studying on hiatus

The Japanese study that is, now I will work on my Chinese and Korean studies :P With probably a slight touch of indonesian XD
Yes yes, I'm still studying spanish o:
I have to do a major review though ~_~
That's what i'll be doing tonight making the time fly baby :]

wtf! Something just bit me on the back of my neck, so not sexy and it hurts a lot D;

That's all , I hope that so many of you japanese learners did not have to go through this and you were wise to just rent the book lol, well now you can buy it so pay up XD haha.

The flashcards/picture cards are not necessary and if ur a self taught learner you do not need to buy the workbook too. However if you're an OA (overachiever) like moi, GET IT. It's a fun book ^_^

GENKI I includes a Textbook and Workbook
GENKI II has been released but so far only jbox has it up on the net the other online sellers are still catching up
and then there's the Answer Key which includes the answers for Both the textbook and workbook of Volumes 1 & 2.

Textbook Most Common Price $58.90
Workboook Most Common Price $26.80
Answer Key Most Common Price $12.60

p.s. the cds are new included with the books, awesome right? so we save money now!

Douche Move:

lol just add /index_en to the end of the url XD

-Ren Montez <3

Sunday, October 23, 2011


it's been a minute since I posted in this xD
watching a movie
been watching a lot of movies lately :]

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Miguel - Girls Like You

I was wondering for quiet some time now, hmm I wonder if Miguel is going to have a video for this one.

Months later my wish is finally granted :D

Sad part is the video does not relate at all to the song :/

but it's a good low budget video
still would of loved to have some real symbolics

I loved the heart shapped lolli 
now I  want one lol

I also love his new hairstyle. Very cute on Miguel, way better than the last one
Guess who the girl is in the video XD

-Ren Montez <3

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I don't wanna :(

I just don't feel like it man, for some reason I just don't want to speak for a bit. I felt so right awhile ago now everything feels different. I feel I should jut rush now, just to escape.

Tell me how everything that felt so right, is now starting to feel so wrong...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Did you Feel that?

Haven't seen him in a minute yet he's been on my mind here and there. Good to see him, good to be around him, accidentally mistaken him for a womanizer.

I guess the reason why I first fell for him was because he was so simple and I was so complicated.

Saw the face of a person who once accused me and I was quick to show him the light, It doesn't hurt and I can laugh about it, haha because he's such a loser.

-Ren Montez <3

Special Poetry Insert

by Chris Kim

I could feel the light in him
As he passed me by
This man was some miraculous
Nothing as I had ever encountered before
My days were gloomed
Yet he cleared it up better than any glass cleaner
Gave me the motivation
The Inspiration
When I needed it the most
Selfishly I wanted to just keep his time
Yet I knew he was a busy man
On a mission
With a title unknown to me

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I felt it in me, for real, the real thing. In the bottom of my heart and in the pit of my azul soul. I could feel it. It was truly scary and I don't know the exact reason why I felt this but it was there.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ask and you will Receive

@ like 1.30am Azad htm on twitter. I was all whhuuuut o-O
 >_> still curious how he found that tweet lol
Maybe I should look up me on twitter ;D (that's something hard to find)

I was so excited o:

Sucks that I didn't know about him sooner, I would of so went to his show at Woodstock :(

Wonderful Sunday

Today was awesome, deepened my spirituality and treated myself .

Haven't had cereal in a long time finally had it

Then it was Milk Tea^^

Which reminded me I need to get back to working on my cookbook ;______;

Watched movies all day and learned a little bit about game design

Found out a little more about Azad Right, he's a really interesting dude :]