Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Upsetting for a Japanese Learner

-____- <<<< That's my face for when I found out that Genki was updated!

I'm just relieved i didn't buy volume 2 D: I see the difference in the updates xD
So I've decided to put my studying on hiatus

The Japanese study that is, now I will work on my Chinese and Korean studies :P With probably a slight touch of indonesian XD
Yes yes, I'm still studying spanish o:
I have to do a major review though ~_~
That's what i'll be doing tonight making the time fly baby :]

wtf! Something just bit me on the back of my neck, so not sexy and it hurts a lot D;

That's all , I hope that so many of you japanese learners did not have to go through this and you were wise to just rent the book lol, well now you can buy it so pay up XD haha.

The flashcards/picture cards are not necessary and if ur a self taught learner you do not need to buy the workbook too. However if you're an OA (overachiever) like moi, GET IT. It's a fun book ^_^

GENKI I includes a Textbook and Workbook
GENKI II has been released but so far only jbox has it up on the net the other online sellers are still catching up
and then there's the Answer Key which includes the answers for Both the textbook and workbook of Volumes 1 & 2.

Textbook Most Common Price $58.90
Workboook Most Common Price $26.80
Answer Key Most Common Price $12.60

p.s. the cds are new included with the books, awesome right? so we save money now!

Douche Move:

lol just add /index_en to the end of the url XD

-Ren Montez <3

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