Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello All!

I know i know it's been such a long time, i'm a forgetful person. I've been trying to get some things in my life straight. I got a fiance. I quit my job due to my manager being sexist :/ (wack yo). my cousin died. that was big i guess. I'm back in school WOOO! See just as much as I've been away :D good things have happened. I've been so stressed out T___T I MADE KOREAN FRIENDS :D went to more weddings. Bouquets at the tip of my fingers. I felt silly for even standing up there. Yes WEDDINGS. of course after I got the bf ._. I got a lot to update on. I feel more woman now. I think my heart exists. Don't think we won't be hearing from me

Well let me get right to the point. I apologize for such a long absence and it's funny that there has to be a serious storm brewing for me to post xD HURRICANE SANDY :P Today I felt my most motivated after all this bull. I'm finally standing up and on my feet again. I'm working out and watching the weather channel. I have been away since 3:50pm yesterday o_o I am not tired^^

I'm going to study and take better care of myself! Once and for all


I hear the winds a brewin >.O
Time for me to finish working out and crud ;n; that's the problem with stuff it's boring or too easy at times. T____T

-Ren Montez <3

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