Friday, August 12, 2011

What a Day Bilingual Experience - Spanish/Español - Re-Up

This is a re-posting of yesterday's experience but with more detail ....

Today I asked a mother of 3 children if she was raising her children to be Bilingual
I was hesitant at first since I don't like to talk to strangers
Stranger Danger lmfao. Ah, school keke.

She told me that her family speaks all spanish and her husband's family speaks all english.
it's a bit tricky but the youngest is learning now, he knows how to speak a few words in Spanish
He was so adorable
If he hadn't dropped his bottle by my foot I would have never finally mustered up that bit of courage to ask her that question at the forefront of my mind.

At first I wanted to ask the father since he kept talking to me
(He threatened me because of my dental health... I haven't been to the dentist since I was 14! lol )

He was shy to say the words his mother had told him to speak >.< Thinking while watching him made me say to myself,
Hey.. I should be speaking Spanish to them directly not engrish ajajjaja.

So I start thinking about Agua and the Tabel which I can only remember in Japanese -____- KUSO! Like that's gonna help me lol

So what I came up with in my head was

Mi Agua es Muy Calliete My water is very hot
Which it was , Couldn't say my water is on the table

So she's encouraging her son to still say to me Agua
Bebe(su) Mamá : Agua , say agua

Still in my head I'm going Su Agua, Mi Agua.
He had to be no older that 1 or 2 <3

So precious

I was really happy to talk about Spanish with her, this was the first time I ever spoken by choice about languages and of myself. In the back of my mind I would love to Marry a man from a different country who was raised properly by his mother , had the right surroundings , the mindset and was a man of his own words not one to do what the crowd say. Would be so happy to finally meet a man of such great stature. Yes world I have aspirations of love as well. Cursive hormones.

Gracias <3

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