Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Three Days at the Toshokan

Yo, It's like heaven lol
Every single day I spent in the library <3

Never knew how many weirdos went to the library O.o

Finished 7 spanish books my abuela thinks I'm crazy lol
But it's muy divertido <3

mmm Antonio Bandres XD

Rented two movies XP one with Keanu Reeves and a Hindi flick :] by some famous indian director
I can now form a bit of sentences can't wait to go back tomorrow
just dread that I have to wake up so early -_-

I took out this book by a japanese author and it's translated in spanish lol
Titled After Dark :]

Rented 4 travel books 1 puerto rico 2 new york and i forgot the last one xD most likely el salvador
Well I'm off to study japanese ^.^

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