Friday, August 19, 2011

Racism at its finest

Well today I was feeling awesome but the moment this inspector stepped into the car with me, I had a feeling he would fail me just because.

I don't consider myself black, I consider myself to be a mutt because I refuse to represent one thing that I am for me it is all or nothing. However I do consider myself to be a minority.

Yet people wonder why White and Black are some of the most hated races. Personally speaking in america it is the worse.

He fails me just because and after that he was disrespectful to my instructor. We were both pissed and I do plan to sue after The 5th of September. I know my rights and I knew something was up.
I'm a good driver and if I was doing wrong my instructor would have corrected me during my lessons. As well as her boss on my last day.

There was a girl in front of me who was failed 3 times so it was her fourth time there. Also out of 20 people only one person passed. It should have been the other way around.

And yes as you guessed that person who passed was white. But heck what am I to expect from a white race country. Ye I know the president is Half and Half but that doesn't mean a thing when he can't make a decision unless his white counterparts agree on it.

The Public votes then the Union votes. Why the heck are we even voting if our say only makes up 25% of what will happen.

Well I'll stop with the polictics before I start talking about Krispie Creme. He has cut funding for college students like me and also thought it would be smart to cut power for street lamps on certain roads. So the roads are dark as caves! Coming across the bridge is so scary because without the headlights I wouldn't be able to see a damn thing! Freakin water is so close too, I'm just waiting to hear about a car accident that happens due to limited visiablity.

Then he had the nerve to attempt to defend himself saying Don't you ask me where my kids go to school it's none of your business! It is so our business and we know where they go. You have them in a damn private school! It's not right to treat your community/people/public like crap. I swear I wish there were more politicians who would first think and try to put themselves in the shoes of the lowest class. Then say hey if I was there I know I wouldn't like such and such.

Also cutting back on firemen and police don't help because that means more fire and more crime , dummies!

But anyway back to the road test, so my instructor tells me the girl she had taught before me drove just like me and she passed at another location and the people were different.
Never before was she bothered like that about something about the car and if the car was unsafe for driving she would have gotten fined for it along damn time ago!

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