Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy NOT!

Ok, so this is what normally happens to me and I like fudge -______- hontou ni? (translation of fudge hontou ni: ¿ffff really?)I say I don't wanna go out  I just want to stay home and chill or studies.
Since I'm feeling as blue as a snow cone, antisocialable like a book, tired like a floor or just lazy as a blanket :P
For me those are some reasons just not to go out that day but somehow someway I am always dragged out of the house =3=
(They harasses me until I come out... FAFOMOS REAVE ME ARONE!)
So I went up to this cool little waterpark in Spartan, New Jersey. Just total water around there lol. I wouldn't want to live there just because I'm thinking about the flooding..

Me: AHHH IT S FLOODING D:< Babe do we have flood insurance? o_O I hope we do, cuz I need to replace this crud asap... D:
Ye the houses were really nice lol. Only thing I liked about the place. So if you lived on the hill top you were coolin as long as the water goes down when it floods

The water at the park was dirty, fun but dirty there were showers to wash off ur feets too. Ok ok so I don't like lake water and I knew lakes were never clear blue lol
I don't care for greenie brownie waters.
The water slide was awesome as well as the kid's attraction called Papoose Island which really reminded me of Mario aka Yoshi's Island :]
Where I met a lot of guys who I was very shy to talk to I was like this o--------o M_______M
I hurt my knee badly so it still hurts grr knees Dx
Brought a wiffle bat, had a sno-cone and an ice cream cone <3

The Ice cream cone was Vanilla, Wafer with Rainbow sprinkles :P

RAWRS kekeke.

After the park I ended up at a party in Central Jersey. I didn't want to be there ugh.. But In the end It turned out well. Didn't leave the party until midnight so I got home around 1ish

Mi bro was there and he told me what's wrong, you're always sad when I see you, You're a pretty girl, Pretty girls shouldn't be sad they should be happy and shooting boys lol..
Even though I knew what he meant with the shooting I took the literal meaning of an actually gun and told him well I don't have a gun yet so maybe that's why I'm still sad.
He chuckled then went off, to prepare for his show. He had a show to attend today, in Queens
I think the Heavy hitters might be there promoting too.

There were even more guys at the party WHAT THE HELL so happy when they left
talked some real talk artound 10~12
Talked about the white side of our families and how they have affected the children of oreo. Some of the kids can't accept that they are mixed and deny that side of themselves. How sad you only want to claim ur white side but it's clear ur mixed.  While it is sometimes the other way around for some kids, some appear extremly white when they were latino or just kissed by the sun and they would fight a person in a minute who calls them white.

Like a puerto rican with Blond hair and blue eyes or an Caucasian African American with black hair and green eyes. Yet the pigimentation and facial features makes them appear most white.
To me race is confusing , as for me and couple of friends agree that there is only one race , the human race and the sick world that we live in wants us to choose.

To me there is no such thing as a race labeled by color, maybe human should be a color yet it would be a rainbow of different skin tones, what a pretty color that would be. White and Black are the colors in my crayon box. White is the color of purity, as black is the color of Darkness.

In the bible and many other relgious scriptures race has been confused with the words used in the bible, then due to the history of the world, Where Nigger this Cracker that and all this other mess Created because one person was scared of another or that person wanted what that other person had.
Greed, Envy, Lust and a few other sins are what lead the human race to what it is now, You guys all know our dna is 99.9% alike and if you really think of the world. ALL OF YOU ARE NASTY YOU'RE SLEEPING WITH YOUR BROTHER OR SISTER.
In retrospect lol. When it comes to the human race it's just a bunch of genes that aren't so closely knit coming together.

@_@ Yet I think it is very important for everyone to read each religious book, Well start from the core.

Like if you're Christian, Jewish or Muslim. You should read the book meant for your religion first then move on to the others that relate to your religion. Ex. Bible, Torah and Quoran.
Then after you finish that read books from Buddhism, Hindism, Shintoism, Wiccan etc.
But read nothing that is new, because if it is anything from recent times it cannot truly reflect anything from beyond the 1900s

Also we already know what's happening now.
in the 1960s a lot of things changed for women and minorities. Yet there is still a lot of racism and sexism because of the same damn books and just how the world is in general.
If you ever read the bible completly (as I have) you would realize how sad and disgusting it is in the beginning yet in some points of the bible you see good things, you see a light and some sense in it. And that's just from the old testement alone.

You can read the whole bible in 365 or less, that all depends on your speed. Also yes I know it looks like I just said something hyprocritial but I am no fool to what has happened and what is of now. Somethings are just harder to swallow when it comes to living, that's why you can choose.

Choose to knowledge it
Choose to ignore it
Choose to embrace it
Choose to be it
Choose to love it
Choose to have it
Choose to fuck it
Choose to cry about it
Choose to die for it
Choose to burn it
Choose to forget it
Choose to remember it
But what ever you do
The Choice is yours to choose

Ren is out- I think I've said enough, now Imma work on burying this post in nonscene -runs away-

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