Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hectic on Numbero Dos NAZE?!

Ok so today I started my second day, woah, so many people were ignorant and arrogant just because I was in a that car.

It was ticking me off at first then I just realized nice weather brings out all the fools. Both of us (the instructor and me) agreed that yesterday was a better day.

They were trying to bully me to speed 10-20 miles higher than the speed limit, just because you ride my bummer it doesn't mean i will drive fast -blocks them from passing by me- >3> jajajja XD pay back beyatch

I pity the fool that drives against the law

I also realized she told me not to go fast around the corners for a reason, To always reduce speed because that's a speed trap and instant ticket.

I was so happy to be done driving :]
went to a few townships yah! 
Mía I really like that word lol

Well time for me to finish so I can go again in the morning xP


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