Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Awesome Bilingual Expierence Spanish/Español - In the Library

Today after my mum's dentist appointment I went to the library <3

Woaha~ it was such a wonderful time Found two books to Purchase , both relating to latino culture ^_^

Latinos in English y La gallinita roja

Then I started with the Index, couldn't find the english one so I read the Spanish one Awesome :] , La Biblia, Film, Design, Art, Liberal and all <33 I hit the 200 before the 300, 400 and 700s

Grabbed One Religious book, a bunch of arichectural books and a taichi book

The Book of Angels
The Garden Design Book
Small House / Big Style
Outdoor Rooms
What is Japanese Architecture?
Andrea Palladio
Total Tai Chi

After that I went to the computer starting a final search in hope to find something Spanish to fuel my linguistic abilities. So I end up in the Juvenile section, where there's tons of books for bilingualism, well since the care has so many Latino/Hispanic.

I never made it to the Audio Visual Section ): Which I needed to go to lol

I got some help from the librarian putting books down there She helped me find the Spanish books Yet I was still lost My book was in a completely different section lol

She complimented me on my learning abilities Then gave me some encouragement by giving me this sweet Mead College Ruled Notebook Which she told me to write my Spanish words in, I was thinking about getting one too. I've decided to write line by line translating what I read by myself. If I didn't know about the personal a I would be lost lol.

The Book I found thinking it was cool was

Estrellita En La Ciudad Grande ~ Estrellita in the Big City

Perfect for me because it's not straight Spanish (tomorrow I'll make a post on a book similar to it that I purchased a month ago)

I feel Bilingualism is the way to go when it comes to language learning.

This book has to be 2nd~3rd grade level

Now the book I came down there for was

How do I feel? ¿Cómo me siento?

I didn't think it would be this small but it was lol

I have to say it's a kindergarten level.

After coming back from the library I was complimented on my academics
Since I keep my head in my books instead of being like these other 18-19 year old skanks most common in my area.

However my best friends have always been latino/hispanic or asian lol

Everytime I mention my major or my interests in language, it has lead me into a great deep conversation about doing right..

Gracias Dios, You are showing me the right path :)

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