Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just started on day one :] It was bilingual lol

This was awesome^^
I was worried I was going to be late for my first day
because mi madre kept getting in my way -3-
Like cock blocking but it covers more teran lol.

So I made it on time thinking my instructor was late It was 230
not 2.00 >.>

I had a lovely time with my instructor as we conversed back and forth in spanish
Her complimenting me on my skills, Perfect on the first time ;D
Man I felt like I was playing pokémon lol.

Talked about College, Children, School, Relationships

Saying how many times she traveled, her Puerto Rican hubby <3 Myreow ~

She said well maybe when you get to college you'll get a Japanese Boyfriend who will stay
"Christi!" "Christi!"
I said well either that or a Puerto Rican one
She said Ooo You like PuertoRican Puerttorricano  , It's a good thing you speak spanish
I simply agreed
Finally I said what I wanted to for the past 20 mins
ww, on telling her about my ex, she said yeah, they're crazy muy loco mostly 90% of them always crazy.

She said I was a very smart girl and I'll go very far in life . As well as travels. I was always likeable because I was a fast learner

 Learned the road quickly I even drove home
Oh Yeah Bebé~

Before the downpour started

I ran inside, Plish Splash in my nikes GRRSS

Oh well after that it was Fuze PomAcai

Thanks Rae for the Fantastico Icons! I'll get you some more ;D

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