Monday, August 8, 2011

On Once More

I'm happy to be on here agian, as I await for my appointment time.
Cleaning the house and attempting to change the address on my id
what a bummer
It doesn't work :/
I guess I'll have to do this in person.

Watched True Blood again last night
What the hell why is Tara still alive?
Atm I'm not pleased with her actions.
Killing and Killing solves nothing but heck you trying talking some sense into creatures.

Yah! Eric though he's adorable this season, sucks thinking about what Sookie's Grandmother said.

Antionia oo she's so dangerous
I'm wondering what the writers have planned to bring her down.
I know Lafayette and Tio Luca have a lot to do with it.
Jesus has too much fear and what was his Abuelo trying to turn him into?
A Brujo Guardian/Spirit or a Median?

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