Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vacation in Florida

Muy muy
oh you know I want to say something in spanish so bad lol
Yet I don't remember enough
I want to get me a little gekko <3

I caught the bouquet at the wedding
So happy I did and shocked.
didn't think I would get it.
I didn't fight for it, it landed right in my hands
Just wow, had a lot of drink too

Happy to have new family ^_^
So much fun
I'm so tired ;_;
Finished watching the latest episode of True Blood
The actor playing Tio Luca (J.D. Mata) caught my eye.
Good thing he did I see he has a lot of interests that I have so that's cool.
Hopefully I keep up to date with his activities

Nighty night <3
sorry I took forever to come back , yet I have been thinking about posting all week
P.S. I went to Miami beach.

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