Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Familia in CT

On Junio 20th We hopped in the car and
went off to connecticut with 10 other family members for a day of fun.
Well a full day.
I had some much fun being there
loved the music the jokes and everything.

As soon as we woke up in the car
we went to the park
the hoops were crowded
So I ended up playing on the playground
and swinging
I went so high so I ended up saying wth yo
and making myself sick
Felt like I was at a damn amusement park

(Is paying now for strectching myself out at the park)

Didn't drink but there was plenty to drink

They had throw back MD and AN Sierra Mist <3
They were good I split both of them with my dad

Played Trash and won
I thought for sure I was going to lose
I was stuck at 10 after 6 rounds then I was stuck at three for a bit won the 19th round like I wanted to I tapped twice and one those games.
Found it to be funny, didn't know it would actually work
during most of the taps I kept getting a damn 3 when I needed a 2 lol

So many jokes about 1987

For once I felt comfortable with people's intimacy normally it would gross me yet, basically figured I would have to get used to that myself. Since sooner or later I'll be doing the same kekeke

Mahogany waited for until we were ready to leave to go potty
when she came out
Terrell kept nodding his head slowly at her saying
good job over and over lol
then he said don't look at me when she turned to look at him and kept on repeating good job

so wrong back and forth

lmao joke of the evening You didn't even let it heal.

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