Friday, May 20, 2011


Well my life has been quite crazy
Yep, in the heck, I don't even know when was the last time I posted here
(Pretty sure it was marchish or last year...)
I've been through a couple of boyfriends.
No nothing happened, I'm not that type of girl.
As usual talking doesn't work

I haven 't fallen in love
I realize what I had for goat was dirty and unhealthy
It wasn't love it wasn't even like
it was curiousity with a mixture of swirling dislike
I wanted to kick his ass
still wanna do it too.

Though I realized I made myself look like a fool
Desperate, stalkerish , perssisent and demanding
I can't change that about myself.
When I want something from someone
I want it now, not later
So I continue to press until I get it.

It was weird and all
Even when I didn't want to see him
I did.

In a few I'll call Ricardo :c
I miss him, would like to hang out, but there's no gurantee
We will ever see one another again.
Life goes on
People change
People move

My fear is always change.
I don't want to change too much
Yet I don't want to not change not enough.
Confusing right?

Signing off , Ren Dizzle

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